Servicing & Preventative Maintenance

Servicing & Preventative Maintenance in Hull

UK Commercial Kitchen’s Gas Safe registered engineers service and carry out preventative maintenance work on all types of commercial catering equipment. UK Commercial Kitchens recommends a pro-active approach to servicing and maintenance. We believe in preempting disastrous and costly breakdowns of equipment by way of regular servicing of your commercial catering apparatus.

Our approved commercial kitchen engineers offer a top-notch servicing contract. Knowing the weak points at which commercial kitchen and restaurant equipment often fails gives our engineers a privileged insight into what to look out for and test closely during servicing. It holds true that 99% of the faults and breakdowns our engineers are called out to repair could have been avoided with a simple service or maintenance test.

If you run or own a restaurant there are a couple of important facts you should always keep in mind:

  • It is much cheaper to repair your current restaurant equipment rather than to buy new appliances.
  • It is cheaper to have your commercial catering appliances regularly serviced and kept in optimum working order rather than to wait until an appliance malfunctions and have to call in a commercial kitchen engineer to repair it.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. A total breakdown of your commercial catering equipment can be a costly experience. Services are much quicker and, scheduled at the correct time, need not interfere with your business at all. To schedule a full service of all your commercial catering equipment contact UK Commercial Kitchens today.

At UK Commercial Kitchens we have a flexible approach to the individual needs of each establishment. Call and speak to one of our specialist engineers today. We can evaluate your needs and come up with a tailor-made service package just for you. Whether you run a fast-paced commercial kitchen or a small catering van, your commercial kitchen equipment is the engine of your business and needs to be kept in good working order. Call UK Commercial Kitchens today and we’ll devise an affordable service package for you!